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Interview with Nexus Property Management

By The Law Office of Brett V. Beaubien

January 16, 2024

Interview with Nexus Property Management

In the interview with Greg Rice, Brett V. Beaubien, founder and operator of the Law Office of Brett V. Beaubien, discusses his career and insights into the legal profession. Beaubien, based in the historic Turk Head Building in downtown Providence, appreciates the building’s significance and its prime location in the financial district. He began his practice in September 2017 and enjoys the inspiring views of the city and India Point Park.

Beaubien’s journey into law was influenced by his work with attorney John MacDonald, a criminal defense attorney in Providence. MacDonald mentored Beaubien during his studies at Roger Williams University, offering both legal and business advice. This mentorship led Beaubien to establish his own firm, initially operating from a cubicle in MacDonald’s suite before moving into an office post-COVID-19 pandemic.

He credits his growth to collaborations with other attorneys like Jason Knight and Scott Lutes, who shared their knowledge generously. Beaubien also worked for attorneys John Calcagni and John Grasso, gaining experience by attending multiple court hearings daily.

Beaubien specializes in criminal defense, covering various crimes such as drugs, guns, fraud, domestic violence, and assault in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island. He handles cases in trial courts and appeals courts, enjoying the academic challenge of appeals, which involves intensive research and legal writing.

A recent successful case involved the Massachusetts Appeals Court agreeing with the lower court’s decision to suppress evidence in a firearm case, which ultimately led to his client’s freedom. Beaubien emphasizes the importance of criminal defense attorneys in ensuring fair justice and holding the state accountable to its legal obligations.

Discussing plea bargaining, Beaubien explains it involves assessing the strengths and weaknesses of a case and the risks of trial. He considers it crucial to present all options to clients, including plea deals offered by the state.

Regarding personal details, Beaubien grew up in Rhode Island, attended the University of Rhode Island for a business degree, and worked in the restaurant industry before pursuing law. He was interested in the Navy and had internships with the Navy JAG Corps but eventually decided to focus on law. Currently, he is seeking dual citizenship in Italy, inspired by his Sicilian heritage.

Beaubien plans to continue his practice, focusing more on appellate work while maintaining a solo practice for the personal connection it offers with clients. He emphasizes the importance of good client-attorney relationships and advises potential clients to choose lawyers they feel comfortable with. Beaubien can be contacted through his website or directly at his office in Providence.

The interview concludes with Beaubien expressing his desire for a balanced life, highlighting his hobbies like swimming, yoga, and travel, and his commitment to community service.

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