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Cyber Harassment

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Technology has not only changed the way we do business and interact socially, but it has also changed the law. Cyberbullying is a surprisingly common charge in the state of Rhode Island. Cyber harassment is defined as the transmission of electronic communication to harass someone. A person can be fined up to $500 for an act of cyberbullying.

The laws pertaining to cyberbullying are relatively new and open to interpretation. It can be difficult to prove what someone’s intentions were when they communicated with another on the internet.  The prosecutor in such a case would have to prove a course of conduct which means the harassment was ongoing. A well-trained attorney will be able to use the ambiguity of the law to help build your defense in such a case. At The Law Office of Brett V. Beaubien, you can work with a criminal defense lawyer who works every angle of the law to give you the benefit of the doubt in internet crime cases.

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Cyberstalking and cyber harassment are prohibited in our state under Rhode Island General Laws § 11-52-4.2. When charged as a misdemeanor involving using electronic devices to harass anyone or their family, it carries up to a year in jail and/or a fine of $500. 

Harassment involves a “knowing and willful course of conduct” that causes the person serious alarm, annoyance, or bother and has no legitimate purpose. It is of a willful, threatening, or malicious nature that would result in the other person’s emotional distress or fear of physical injury. To be considered a course of conduct, it would have to involve multiple acts committed against the alleged victim over time. 

Domestic Cyberstalking & Cyber Harassment

This crime may also be charged in connection with domestic violence laws if the alleged victim is a current or former spouse, current or former cohabitant, current or former dating partner, related by blood, or someone with whom you share a child regardless of marital status. In these cases, you may face additional penalties such as loss of gun rights, mandatory participation in a batterers’ intervention program, a restraining order, or additional fines. 

Repeat Offenses

A subsequent conviction of this crime involves felony penalties of up to two years in prison and/or a fine of up to $6,000. 

Defenses to These Charges

Any accusation or charge of cyberstalking or harassment may be attacked in several ways, depending on the case. These can include the defense that your conduct was not threatening to the point of causing the alleged victim to suffer real or significant emotional distress or fear of physical harm, the other person initiated the contact or suffered no ill effects from it, the intent of the conduct was never to harm, or the conduct was completely unintentional. 

We Defend Both Domestic & Non-Domestic Charges

No matter what type of cyber harassment charges you face, Attorney Beaubien can give you a detailed and well-prepared defense after making an independent investigation of the facts. Our firm has been recognized for its professionalism and high standards of practice that have created trust and reliance by countless individuals throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

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