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Being accused of a crime is one of the most harrowing things a person can experience. The prospect of jail time and social ostracization that a conviction can bring should make fighting your criminal charges your number one priority, whether you are guilty or innocent.

The criminal justice system in our country is focused on punishment rather than rehabilitation. Public defenders are overworked and underpaid. It is easy to feel as though there is no one to advocate for the accused. Fortunately, a private criminal defense attorney can help build your case and may even be able to get the charges against you dropped. 

If you are looking for an attorney who is well versed in criminal law and has an excellent track record in court, you will want to hire Brett V. Beaubien. Mr. Beaubien handles all aspects of criminal defense from trial to appeals. He is well knowledgeable and experienced in Rhode Island and Massachusetts state law. He handles drug crimes, gun crimes, sex crimes, fraud charges, assault and battery, disorderly conduct, domestic violence offenses, and a wide range of other criminal offenses.

Brett V. Beaubien, Attorney at Law

Our law office is capable of handling every kind of case from larceny and embezzlement to property crimes and disorderly conduct. We are not afraid to defend those who have been accused of sex crimes.

Our attorney and his team of dedicated professionals will work their hardest to research your particular situation and every aspect of the laws that pertain to your case. We will diligently research your case and do our best to get you the best result possible.  

Mr. Beaubien has been committed to fighting for the rights of the accused ever since he was a student at Roger Williams School of Law. A member of both the Rhode Island and Massachusetts State Bar Associations, Brett Beaubien came from humble beginnings. He has worked as a dishwasher and restaurant manager and understands the problems of the average working person. 

Practice Areas

No matter what crime you have been accused of, Mr. Beaubien will work tirelessly to build a case for your exoneration. Our staff understands every area of criminal law. 

DUI and Traffic Court 

If you have been charged with a DUI, you are undoubtedly concerned with fees, license suspension and even potential jail time. If your license has been suspended, we will work aggressively to get you a hardship license if one is necessary for you to get to work, school or medical appointments. If you are faced with fines that you cannot pay, we will advocate on your behalf to get them lowered. If the results of your breathalyzer may have been inaccurate or if the arresting officer did not follow protocol, we will work to have the charges against you thrown out. 

Firearm Violations

Although Americans have the right to bear arms, the second amendment is constantly being debated. Many communities have made their own laws regarding gun control and many of those laws are evanescent. If you have been charged with a firearm violation, it is entirely possible that you were in violation of a law that you didn’t know was in existence. 

There are laws that restrict the number of weapons you may have and still others that restrict the kinds of weapons you may possess. Technically, ignorance of the law is no excuse from it. However, if the law changes constantly a person can easily make a mistake. Our team understands how confusing these laws can be and will fight for your firearm charges to be dropped or reduced.

Drug Crimes 

Recreational pot is illegal in the state of Rhode Island, but perfectly legal in the state of Massachusetts. If you cross the state line with a bag of cannabis candy in your car, you may face criminal or civil charges. The type of drug you are charged with possessing can affect the sentence you will receive when you are charged with a drug crime. As with any crime, the number of offenses you have will make a big impact on the sentence you will receive.

Drug laws vary from state to state. In the state of Rhode Island, for example, a person charged with selling cocaine can get a lighter sentence if they are addicted to the drug. If you serve 100 hours of community service and agree to drug education, you might receive a greatly reduced sentence

Our firm will research every law pertaining to your drug case and research every angle that can be used in building your defense. We will make sure you take all the appropriate steps to receive the lightest sentence possible. 

Assault and Battery

If a person threatens someone with physical violence, or if they attempt to hurt someone they may be convicted of assault. If they actually make contact with the other person and hurt them, that is considered battery. More often than not, they go hand in hand. 

Even though an assault charge can be the result of something as simple as a bar fight, you may end up with a criminal record because of it. A criminal defense attorney can advocate for you in court and get the charges dropped or reduced. 

Probation Violations

Contrary to popular misconception, probation and parole are two different things. Parole is offered to those persons who have served a portion of a criminal sentence. Probation is actually a sentence in itself. It is given as an alternative to a jail sentence. Split sentences are common in Rhode Island. You may be ordered to serve part of your sentence in jail and the rest of the sentence on probation. 

There are a few standardized rules for probation in both states. In Rhode Island, you must have regular check-ins with a probation officer, never leave the state and abide by local laws. The terms of a person’s parole may be curtailed to their particular case, and misunderstandings are common. 

If you have missed an appointment with a parole officer or if you should forget to charge the battery on your ankle monitor, you may face penalties and even jail. Attorney Beaubien is well versed in negotiating with the courts to get you leniency if you have violated the terms of your probation. 

Larceny and Embezzlement 

Larceny is basically defined as theft, but the standards for the seriousness of larceny charges vary from state to state. In the state of Massachusetts, theft of under $250 is considered petty larceny and theft of over $250 is considered grand larceny. In the state of Rhode Island, a person may be convicted of felony larceny, if they have stolen over $500.

Embezzlement occurs when a fiduciary relationship exists between the two parties and one party relies on another party to handle something of financial value. An example of a fiduciary relationship would be that of a stockbroker to a stock owner. To be accused of embezzlement the person responsible for the money or property must transfer it to themselves or a third party. Clerical errors do not count as embezzlement. If a person accidentally transfers a sum of money to the wrong account, they may be falsely accused of embezzlement.

The punishment that a person convicted of embezzlement may receive depends, not only on the amount of money they have stolen, but may also depend on the type of job they had. For instance, if a stockbroker is convicted of embezzlement, they will typically get a $500 fine and up to five years in prison in the state of Massachusetts, but if a bank representative commits the same crime, they can get a $2000 fine and up to fifteen years in jail.

Laws regarding larceny and embezzlement can be complex and Mr. Beaubien understands the laws pertaining to embezzlement and other kinds of theft in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts. He knows what is necessary to prove a person is guilty of theft and what pieces of evidence are admissible according to both state laws. 

Cyber Harassment

Technology has not only changed the way we do business and interact socially, but it has also changed the law. Cyberbullying is a surprisingly common charge in the state of Rhode Island. Cyberharassment is defined as the transmission of electronic communication for the purpose of harassing someone. A person can be fined up to $500 for an act of cyberbullying.

The laws pertaining to cyberbullying are relatively new and open to interpretation. It can be difficult to prove what someone’s intentions were when they communicated with someone on the internet.  The prosecutor in such a case would have to prove a course of conduct which means the harassment was ongoing. A well-trained attorney will be able to use the ambiguity of the law to help build your defense in such a case.


When a person is convicted of a crime, they face jail time, fines and the knowledge that even after they pay their debt to society, they will never stop paying for their crime. A conviction of any crime can affect your ability to obtain employment and your family and social relationships. It is easy to get depressed and give up hope after a conviction.

There are many circumstances under which a person may be able to appeal a judge or jury’s conviction. If a witness lied on the stand, if evidence that should not have been admissible was used in the trial, or if new evidence is introduced in your trial it may be in your best interest to appeal the decision. There is a labyrinth of paperwork in any appeal case and a trained appellate attorney will research every element of the law and cases like yours to find a compelling reason to get you a second trial. 

Sex Offenses 

Crimes such as child molestation and child pornography are considered so heinous that a person accused of these crimes is often convicted in the court of public opinion long before they go to trial.

If you are convicted of a sex crime, you not only face jail time, fines and probation, you may end up paying for the conviction forever. You will have to register yourself as a sex offender and you can be denied employment and housing because of your conviction. Anyone can look at a registered sex offender list and see exactly what you were convicted of. This can lead to instances of vigilantism and harassment.

Brett Beaubien knows that a person is innocent until they are proven guilty, regardless of the crime of which they have been accused. He will research your case and present a compelling argument in your defense. He understands what proof is necessary to convict a person of a sex offense and he knows how to question an alleged victim of a sex crime when they take the stand. 

Being accused of a crime is one of the most horrible things a person can experience. The right attorney can help you navigate the consternation of the court system and help you get on with your life.

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