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Sex Offender Lawyer Rhode Island

Fighting for Your Rights to an Accurate Risk Level Classification
at the Sex Offender Board of Review in Rhode Island.

Brett V. Beaubien, Esquire, is an experienced sex offense classification and sex offender board of review lawyer in Providence, RI. He has the experience and knowledge to successfully challenge risk levels from the Sex Offender Board of Review. If you have been convicted of a sex offense and need to register in Rhode Island, or want to have your current risk level reduced, contact Brett Beaubien today.

If you have been convicted of a sex offense in this or in any other state, then you are already well aware of the burdens of registration and community notification. However, the extent of community notification that is required is determined by the classification level assigned to you by the Sex Offender Board of Review (SOBR). 

The SOBR is required by R.I. law section 11-37.1-1 et seq., to assign a “risk of re-offense” level to you based upon their evaluation of information related your offense, your background, and other information collected during an in-person interview with one of their assessors. In addition, the assessor is required to analyze the information he or she collects using a “validated instrument” – a psychological tool that has been developed with the goal of measuring an offender’s “risk” to re-offend in the future.

The SOBR then collects all the relevant information and assigns a risk Level from I to Level III, with the most stringent notification requirements on offenders assigned a Level III, or High risk to re-offend.

If you have already received your classification level then you already have experienced the shock and surprise that comes from trying to learn all the requirements expected of you and how to remain in compliance with those notification requirements, not to mention the existing requirements that might be in place for your suspended sentence, probation or parole. If you have not already received your classification level and have not yet gone to your interview, then contacting a Rhode Island sex offense classification lawyer right away can help you prepare for your interview, know your rights, and put you in a better position to be assigned the right risk level from the outset.

Although it is critical to understand and remain compliant with the registration requirements and conditions, you have the right to challenge the SOBR’s risk of re-offense level in court.

Our firm has reviewed many cases where the methods and information the SOBR relied on to reach a risk level determination were mis-applied or otherwise erroneous, and we have been successful in getting our client’s risk levels lowered with a Superior Court judgement after a close scrutiny of the record revealing the errors.

The difference between being a level III and a level II, or a level II or a level I can be life-changing. For example, an offender designated as a level III or level II offender will be listed on the SOBR’s website or the website of the town where the offender resides, but a level I offender will not.

To be successful in reducing your classification level you must hire an experienced attorney who has a thorough knowledge of the process and methods used to determine risk levels and how the law applies to those processes.

Put Attorney Brett Beaubien between you and the SOBR. Enlist his Experience, Knowledge, and Courage in your fight.

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