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Brett Beaubien knows that a criminal history can be an obstacle to state or federal employment, military service, or even private employment.  Worse, criminal records can sometimes have immigration and deportation consequences. But there are mechanisms in place that can give you a fresh start. all Brett Beaubien, an experienced expungement attorney in Providence, RI, to schedule an initial consultation to determine if you have options to expunge your criminal record.

Rhode Island Expungement Law

In some cases, expungement of a criminal record in RI is a simple process for our law firm. A court order is obtained and served on the Attorney General’s office and the arresting police department; the public and state agencies then are no longer allowed to access court records of your conviction.  

Under RI law, first-time offenders and those who have had charges dismissed may be eligible for immediate sealing or expungement of the charges. Brett Beaubien has the skills and law services necessary to determine whether you qualify for one of these benefits. As an experienced expungement attorney, you can count on me to give you the representation you deserve.

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