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Brett Beaubien is licensed to practice in state and federal court in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  His practice focuses on criminal defense, appeals, and post-conviction relief.  He has dedicated his career to fighting for fair procedures and the equal protection of the laws for all Americans.

Mr. Beaubien relentlessly litigates on behalf of his clients to preserve their Constitutional Rights and to obtain the best result possible in each case.


A message from Attorney Beaubien:

“During law school, I discovered that I wanted to help people accused of crimes fight against the massive power of the government. I am passionate about fighting for the constitutional rights of all Americans. I head into the trenches every day in the ongoing battle to preserve due process and the equal protection of the laws of this great country.  I aggressively and relentlessly pursue the best possible resolution of every case. I know that if you are charged with a crime, no matter how minor, the consequences can be devastating on your career and in your personal life.

When you hire me, you will be given the support you need to go to resolve your case. I am here to listen and explain the entire process to you. I will provide a case analysis where I will explain the strengths and weaknesses of your case. As your case develops, you will be updated. When you have questions, you will always have an answer from me, or will be provided a clear timeline about when an answer will be obtained.

I love what I do for a living. I will always attempt to negotiate the best outcome for your legal issue. But when negotiation is not an option, I am ready to fight the most difficult challenges in court. When you hire me, I promise nothing but professionalism, competence, and dedication to your cause. Call me today for your consultation.”

  • “Brett made me feel comfortable in the initial conversations. Came up with a plan and in my view said plan worked out better then what I could think of for myself. Calls, text and emails always responded to in a timely fashion, usually in the form you submi” - Don K.
  • “I truly encourage anyone in need of legal advice to contact him!” - Kathleen A.
  • “The results were unbelievable.” - Todd R.

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